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CTS Wire Maintenance Plan

Residential Cable Wire Protection Program & Agreement

As a part of the Utility culture, every effort is made to carry on the tradition of satisfying our customers' needs. Sometimes a problem may develop from cable wiring in your home or there may be an issue with the usage of your electronic equipment, such as TV, VCR, DVD, PC, or surround-sound system. There is normally a fee charged by Community Telecom Services for troubleshooting or repairing these services.

We are pleased to be able to extend to you a new program, which will give you further protection for just $1.95 per month. It is called the Community Telecom Services Communications Utility Residential Cable Wire Protection Program.

Here's what is covered:

  • Community Telecom Services technicians will locate service problems inside your home at no charge.

  • Repair inside coaxial cable wiring other than damage caused by misuse or abuse up to 4 outlets, (additional fees will apply to more than 4 outlets).

  • Community Telecom Services technicians will perform routine adjustments to customer-owned reception equipment.

Here's what is NOT covered:

  • Our technicians will not repair any customer-owned equipment such as TVs, VCRs, DVDs, PCs, or surround-sound systems.

  • Damage to wiring or outlets due to willful or negligent acts.

  • Electrical and/or phone wiring or outlets.

Community Telecom Services Residential Cable Wire Protection Program Agreement

As a Communications Utility customer, you are responsible for monitoring the wiring that runs from the communications connection point, which is 12 inches outside of your home from point of entry, to the home entertainment or data services equipment inside your home. The Communications Utility offers an optional Residential Cable Wire Protection Program for all Communications Utility customers, subject to the following terms and conditions, to assist you in maintaining your inside wiring.

  1. Our technicians will locate the service problem inside your home. If the problem is in the cable wiring between the point where the service enters your home (up to and including the wall outlets and jumper from the wall outlet to your equipment), we will repair the inside wiring and outlets. All external wiring to the outside connection point will be covered provided the homeowner has not modified the original installation.

  2. If the service problem is caused by your television, VCR, DVD, surround-sound system, video game, stereo, PC, or other customer-owned reception equipment that is attached to the inside wire, our technicians will perform routine adjustments of the customer-owned reception equipment. Our technicians also will work to educate you about the operation of customer-owned reception equipment. However, due to the vast number of options a customer may have, our technicians may not be able to resolve all customer equipment problems.

  3. The Communications Utility will not assume any responsibility for operation, maintenance, lightning damage, or repairs to customer-owned reception equipment including, but not limited to: television sets, VCRs, DVD players, surround-sound systems, video games, stereos, or computers.

  4. The Residential Cable Wire Protection Program does not cover:

    1. Damage to inside wiring or outlets caused by the customer's willful or negligent acts that result in damage to the inside wiring or outlets arising from willful or negligent acts of the customer's household or customer's guests;

    2. Damage caused by acts of God, such as fires, floods, lightning, or similar acts;

    3. Inside wiring or outlets that do not meet industry standards for cable and telecommunications services as defined by CTS; and

    4. Electrical and/or phone wiring or outlets.

  5. The Communications Utility has the right to limit the number of visits to a customer's home to four (4) visits per year.

  6. The terms and conditions of the Residential Cable Wire Protection Program are set within applicable law at the sole discretion of the Communications Utility. Subject to any applicable laws or rules, the Communications Utility may stop offering the Residential Cable Wire Protection Program at any time. Any change in these terms or conditions shall be in writing. The Communications Utility shall provide 30 days notice. As with any optional service the Communications Utility provides, if customers do not wish to receive this plan under the revised changes, terms or conditions, they may cancel their service at any time upon notice to the Communications Utility.

  7. The Communications Utility will not be liable for any delay or failure to perform our obligations if such delay or non-performance arises in connection with any acts of God, such as fires, floods, lightning, strikes or other labor disputes, unusually severe weather, acts of any governmental body, or other cause beyond our reasonable control.

  8. Customers may cancel the plan by contacting the business office of Community Telecom Services. There is a two-week waiting period after the customer re-subscribes to the Residential Cable Wire Protection Program before it will become effective. By using or paying for the plan, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

  9. There are no explicit or implied warranties of merchantability or warranties of fitness for a specific purpose offered with the plan. The Communications Utility's liability for defective materials or workmanship is limited to repair or replacement of defective material and/or corrective service visit(s) for CTS-owned equipment only.


  • Make sure the converter and TV set are plugged in to a non-switched outlet

  • Check to see if the problem is affecting all cable TV sets in your home

  • If you have a converter, tune your TV set to channel 3

  • Switch all cable-ready TV sets to "CATV"

  • Hand-tighten all connections to your TV, converter, and VCR

  • Check that your game system, PC, or other equipment is connected properly for viewing cable

  • Make sure batteries in your remote control are not outdated